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Presentation: “Zero Energy Buildings, a Paradigm Shift”!
February 26, 2016

Presentation: “Zero Energy Buildings, a Paradigm Shift”!

What is the future of a zero energy building (nZEB)? How should we achieve it? What is happening in the building legislation and what will need to happen in order to have a functional nZEB?

Presentation by Carlos Lisboa. In the presentation there is common definition of a zero energy building by the US Department Of Energy including the U.S. Presidential order for nZEB. The presentation describes the roadmap to nZEB with focus on changing/reducing traditional requirements in future nZEB including the fact that adaptative comfort criteria must be adopted whenever possible when applying nZEB. Furthermore criteria for rational application of air filters must be developed in nZEB and also indoor air quality, lighting and equipment criteria will play large part in upcoming nZEB legislation. The future nZEB is all about energy flexibility, energy efficiency, integrated design and renewables to positively influence building performance.

Download the presentation (link here).