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Future active house built in Norway – all about light and technology!
February 29, 2016

Future active house built in Norway – all about light and technology!

Future Active House seeks to meet the challenges to make demands of modern life meet the need for protection of the evironment, to make advanced technology integrated with good living conditions and closeness to nature. Based on the Active House principles, the building is designed to be both a showcase of innovative solutions as well as a modern family home.

“This was very much against my personal preference after nearly fifty years in the industry. Fresh air creates well-being as well as mental health. So the Active House principles seemed very appealing,” explains Tore Ligaard from Ligaard.

“The Future Active House project is very much in line with our purpose: to encourage initiatives with high ambitions and creative solutions,” says Senior Advisor Gry Kongsli of Husbanken.

“We wanted the house to have a strict, modern, Nordic attitude on the outside, but to be bright and colourful on the inside,” says Geir Brendeland, the architect.”The ground floor is the private zone, with bedrooms and the big bathroom. The main room on the first floor is essential and inspired by traditional Norwegian architecture, where houses often have a large, central room with light coming in from a hole in the roof. That creates an incredible atmosphere.Common spaces have some timeless qualities. You have more choices when it comes to furniture and activities. When there is light coming from all directions, the residents can sense the progression of the day. They can feel the rhythm of nature and seasons.”

“Future Active House is an energy-efficient concept as well as an example of how to build compact, low buildings in a densely populated area,”Brendeland explains.

Collection of quotes about Future active house in Norway, for more details check this document (link here).