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Why is residential HVAC and IAQ so different from commercial one?
March 14, 2016

Why is residential HVAC and IAQ so different from commercial one?

The residential world and occupants are different from other types of buildings such as offices, hotels, etc. The occupant in home has more control over indoor activities and he is the “end user”. It also depends if the occupant is renting home or if he has the ownership including the HVAC system.

The indoor air quality (IAQ) in residential homes have some unique characteristics and issues to be included:

  • cooking that is not fully vented like it is in commercial
  • greater use of appliances such as clothes dryers
  • less commissioning and quality control
  • singly family homes often do not have designers independent of the installer
  • less distribution of ventilation air
  • smooking, burning candels, incense and other substances
  • large variations in maintenance quality and regularity
  • proximity to subgrade and unconditioned ares such as crawl spaces, attics and basements
  • absence of outdoor air economizers
  • presence of operable windows and doors
  • bedding and sleeping
  • more need for control of indoor climate

Excerpt from article “Residential IAQ Guide” by Lawrence J. Schoen published in the ASHRAE Journal March 2016.