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New video about “Tall, Supertall and Megatall building systems”!
March 30, 2016

New video about “Tall, Supertall and Megatall building systems”!

Watch Peter Simmonds´ presentating about building systems in tall, supertall and megatall buildings. Watch to the video is here (link) and download the presentation in PDF here (link).

Peter Simmonds speaks about ASHRAE tall buildings guide and architectural design, façade engineering and climatic data in designing of tall buildings. Other discussed topics in high rise buildings are indoor air quality and thermal comfort, HVAC systems and central mechanical rooms and floor by floor fans rooms including central plants and water distribution systems. Peter focuses also on energy modeling and building performance of tall buildings, vertical transportation systems, plumbing systems, life safety systems, high rise residential buildings, electrical system interfaces and intelligent building and controls.