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Cold Climate HVAC 2018 in Kiruna, Sweden!
April 28, 2016

Cold Climate HVAC 2018 in Kiruna, Sweden!

The 9th International Cold Climate HVAC Conference on Sustainable new and renovated buildings in cold climates will be organized in Kiruna – Sweden on March 12-15, 2018. A website for a conference was already set up (http://www.cchvac2018.se) and more information will be published soon.

Kiruna (Northern Sami: Giron, Finnish: Kiiruna) is the northernmost town in Sweden, situated in the province of Lapland. It had 18,148 inhabitants in 2010 and is the seat of Kiruna Municipality (population: 23,099 in 2008) in Norrbotten County. Being located 145 km north of the Arctic Circle, Kiruna has a subarctic (Dfc) climate with short, cool summers and long, cold winters. Snow cover generally lasts from late September to mid-May, but snowfall can occur year-round.