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Lint filters and humidifiers in ventilation in hospitals!
April 29, 2016

Lint filters and humidifiers in ventilation in hospitals!

Lint filters shall be installed at air extract devices in a room in the hospital from at least the following rooms:

  • operating theatres;
  • preparation/layup rooms;
  • other areas where lint is present, e.g. inspection and packing rooms in sterile services departments.

Supply air humidifiers may only be used if they have been proved to be harmless to health (see prEN 16798-17). For hygienic reasons humidifiers shall have the following attributes:

  • All components shall be easily accessible, inspectable and cleanable;
  • Recirculating water, or pan humidifiers are not permitted;
  • Special measures shall be taken to prevent grow of germs e.q.legionella in the supply water or steam for the humidifiers and in the humidifiers itself;

It is recommended to use steam for humidifiers.

Find more information about standards in hospital in presentation by Jukka Vasara (link here).