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A guaranteed HVAC operation perfomance to show compliance with building regulations?
July 28, 2016

A guaranteed HVAC operation perfomance to show compliance with building regulations?

A guaranteed HVAC operational performance in the contract can be used in future to prove that the HVAC performance is up to date and comply with the building regulations. It is clear that operationally low energy services are a key element for achieving lower energy use in buildings. Already we are seeing a move to building procurement with guaranteed operational performance in the contract. This potentially means choosing the best kit in the future for both new build and refurbished building stock.

  • There is a clear need for a framework to use operational data to achieve compliance. And there is a need for benchmarking the building systems and components based on usage and activities.
  • Actual energy consumption of a building can vary dramatically from designed values. It is necessary to understand how buildings are really performing (documented by actual operational data) and where and when the energy is being used in order to understand the saving. Each building is unique and needs its own data collection system.
  • Additional revenue for manufacturers and installers could be generated, based on required building certification including follow-up and maintenance services.
  • Extensive metering is already available, but the loop with data about occupants needs to be closed.
  • Using power demand benchmarks to help remove the time factor from assessments.

Download the presentation from the workshop on “Understanding of HVAC performance” at the CLMA 2016 by Ian Knight, Petra Vladykova Bednarova and John Woollett (link here) and the workshop summary (link here).