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Exhaust ventilation works only sometimes!
September 30, 2016

Exhaust ventilation works only sometimes!

Exhaust only ventilation leads to depressurization i nhouses, town houses and row houses constructed in past. In older single family houses, this leads to contaminants being pulled from attached garages and from under slabs (hello, radon, soil gas, pesticides, welcome to our house). In row houses exhaust only ventilation pulls air (including odor and other contaminants) from neighbouring units and corridors.  This creates fire issue (smoke and fire).

Exhaust ventilation used to work when we build in past, but today when the building standards say that we need to build “tight” building envelopes in our houses and measure air tightness and insulate walls and have energy-efficient windows. That leaves only option being the balanced ventilation, preferably demand controlled ventilation with guranteed supply and exhaust air at the good level of freshness and temperature controlled.

Source: Article by Joseph W. Lstiburek published at the  ASHRAE Journal August 2016.