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Datacenter industry consumes more energy today than the whole United Kindom!
October 13, 2016

Datacenter industry consumes more energy today than the whole United Kindom!

Datacenter industry consumes more energy today than the whole United Kingdom! In four years, it will be twice that much energy than United Kingdom!

What does all this do to the environment? We will not stop flying less, go less by cars, use low-energy light bulbs, buy local product, and stop sending emails, posting on Facebook or Instagram, stop making webpages, stop paying bills on the internet and stop watching Netflix.

Extremely important is to bring information to the all countries as providing information is the key factor. Thus the most important is creating roads and bringing water and providing internet with information. In couple of years, 80% people worldwide (3 billion people nowadays and in few years it will be 5 billions people) will access internet and thus the datacenter industry is expected to grow rapidly.

We have capacity, but not capability. It takes a driver to have the capability. Capacity without capability is losing the race in future datacenter industry.

A global KPI for energy efficiency for datacenter (EN 50600-3-3 Environmental control) focuses on:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved task efficiency
  • Re-use of energy
  • Use of renewable energy

First product of data energy is data, second product is the heat. How do you re-use it? It is all about attitude, we have done it in the past. In Sweden you can see swimming pools next to hockey arenas side by side, so one re-use the products from both side based on cooperation.

The big fives: Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook are using so much energy.

The source: “Are Datacenters in the Nordics a Role Model to Help us Achieve the Global Environmental Goals?” is a very interesting presentation by Roberto Söderhall presented at the Data Center Forum in Copenhagen 2016.

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