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Passivhaus certification: plannnig and benefits!
October 19, 2016

Passivhaus certification: plannnig and benefits!

Careful planning for passivhaus certification

Certification is intended to ensure a good quality of work. Airtightness, thermal bridges, the quality of the windows and their installation, the ventilation system and other building services will all be checked as part of the project. The main factor in successfully achieving certifi cation is planning, as only careful and considered planning will ensure you complete all the required factors to achieve the Passivhaus standard.

Quality Assurance Certificate

After the building has successfully achieved the required airtightness level and the commissioning of the building services has been completed, the project is assessed and checked as part of the fi nal quality assurance check, or Certification. Upon successfully achieving all criteria the building certifier will issue the ‘Passivhaus Quality Assurance Certificate’ to the design team or client.


All accredited Passivhaus certifiers use checklists for their quality assurance, which are normally provided on their
appointment to the project. These checklists should be referenced during the design stages with information collated as the project develops; this will save time when checks need to be made and signed off by the certifier.

The benefits of certifying a Passivhaus for the designer and building owner:

  • The certification of a Passivhaus through an accredited building certifier offers quality assurance.
  • The experience of building certifiers can benefit designers and architects throughout the design and construction process.
  • In the process of certification, the designer receives valuable hints about how quality can be improved, and how solutions can be simplified and implemented in a better and more cost-effective way.
  • The support provided by an experienced Passivhauscertifier can result in a more economical building.

Watch a video “What is passivhaus (passive house) in 90 seconds! Great video! (link here)“!

Excerpt from “How to build a Passivhaus: Rules of thumb”, chapter by Kym Mead, Passivhaus Trust, April 2015.