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New seminar: Towards nZEB and energy-efficient HVAC systems!
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November 10, 2016

New seminar: Towards nZEB and energy-efficient HVAC systems!


Swegon Air Academy will organize another exciting seminar about “Towards nZEB (nearly zero energy buildings) and energy-efficient HVAC systems: Experience from Sweden and Estonia!”!


10:00-14:00 on December 8th 2016 at the Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel, Sadama 11a, Tallinn, Estonia

nZEB: indoor climate requirements and developments in Europe, by Jarek Kurnitski

  • Energy efficiency targets and the updating of directives
  • nZEB – indoor climate requirements and the situation in other countries
  • Estonia’s energy efficiency requirements for comparative
  • Preparation of a new indoor climate regulation
  • Ventilation and indoor climate and other minimum requirements

Moving towards a nearly zero-energy buildings. How can this be achieved successfully?, by Mari-Liis Maripuu

  • What is a low-energy building in Sweden?
  • Current challenges and opportunities for nZEB in Sweden and the similarities with Estonia
  • Strategies and solutions used for reaching low-energy building standard (new buildings, existing buildings) – building process, roles and responsibilities, technical solutions, verifying the results, etc
  • Examples of low-energy buildings in Sweden

Integrated design – A necessity for sustainable buildings, by Markus Kalo

  • Integrated design approach for cost-efficient sustainable buildings
  • Focus on the building shell (insulation, orientation, building material, air tightness etc.) to reduce the amount of installed power needed
  • Secure demand controlled climate (only ventilate, cool and heat as much as necessary and only when necessary) to reduce the consumed energy
  • Install HVAC systems with highly efficient energy recovery systems (heat exchangers, heat-pump technology with high COP etc.) to reduce the externally purchased energy
  • How a perfect indoor climate together with a sustainable design leads to profitable projects with short payback times


At the invitation file (link here), the programme is in Estonian and English with simultaneous translation into both languages.