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New video: Technology and cooling in data center!
December 12, 2016

New video: Technology and cooling in data center!

Check out our new video on technology and cooling in data center by Robert Tozer from Swegon Air Academy seminar in Madrid 2016 about: “Data Centers: Technologies of Refrigeration for the New Generation of Data Centers”.

You can also download Robert´s presentation in PDF (link here).

Robert Tozer is Managing Director of Operational Intelligence Ltd, United Kingdom

Robert’s wide and extended experience in the Mission Critical Facilities industry working on design, reliability, energy efficiency and commissioning together with his academic achievements have provided him with the theoretical and practical tools to develop innovative solutions. These include free cooling designs, commissioning strategies, air management metrics and data centre energy assessment tools.

He is author of over 40 papers on reliability and energy efficiency and refrigeration, has authored several patents on data centre free cooling designs, has written many white papers (in English and Spanish) and speaks regularly at Data Centre Dynamics conferences. He received the prize for Outstanding Contribution to Industry at the inaugural DCD LATAM awards in 2012. He is a Visiting Fellow at South Bank University and has participated in many technical committees (ASHRAE, CIBSE, BREEAM, The Green Grid, and European Code of Conduct).