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What is ventilation? Why do we ventilate?
December 26, 2016

What is ventilation? Why do we ventilate?

Ventilation is…

  • In medicine: to exchange air in the lungs
  • In latin: “ventilare” is to “expose to the wind”
  • Today: it means to bring in outdoor air and replace indoor air of the occupied space
  • Is the same as IAQ (indoor air quality)?

Why do we ventilate?

Health, odor, energy, moisture, durability, safety, sustainability, thermal comfort

Why did we ventilate?

We must learn from early man, history and science. Fire in caves had to be ventilated since man domesticated fire (200,000 years ago). First homes 10,000 years ago had open roofs to exhaust contaminants. Banpo Villagers of China had chimneys 7,000 years ago. Early people knew how to ventilate for safety because they have learned the hard way.

Minoan Knossos was naturally ventilated 4,000 years ago in Crete. As architects of Atlantis were smart people. Roman houses and large buildings had designated ventilation system. Combustion was still key contaminant and therefore combustion happenned outside living space.

Source: presentation on “Smart Ventilation” by Max Sherman from University of Nottingham.

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