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New book in our bookshop: Building and HVAC system performance in practice!
December 28, 2016

New book in our bookshop: Building and HVAC system performance in practice!

New guidebook by REHVA was added to our Bookshop. You can check this report nu6 on “REHVA Workshops at CLIMA 2016 – Building and HVAC system performance in practice” (link to the book here with more information). The 6th REHVA Report includes the outcomes of the technical workshops organised during our triennial flagship event, the CLIMA2016 REHVA World Congress.

List of workshops

WS1: Understanding HVAC Operational Performance

WS2: NZEB design and construction: skill gaps and interdisciplinary training of professionals

WS3: Realizing (nearly) Zero Energy Hospital Buildings together

WS4: Beat Low DeltaT Syndrome by the use of the latest pump generation

WS5: Nearly Zero Energy Building nZEB (REHVA Task Force)

WS6: Energy efficient heat pumps, from “standard” to “seasonal performance”

WS8: Inspections of ventilation and air conditioning systems (REHVA Task Force)

WS9: Greenhouse gas reduction in buildings & healthy buildings

WS10: BELIMO – Water Solutions – Energy efficiency in modern buildings

WS11: Policies, design guides and energy efficient HVAC solutions regarding nearly Zero Energy Buildings in EU and China

WS12: Building and ductowrk airtightness: what has changed in the past 5 years, what is likely to change in the next 5 years?

WS13: Dynamic Solar Shading in HVAC and Dayglight Design

WS14: Zero Internal Heating / Cooling Load Air-Conditioning system

WS15: Perspectives for assessing ventilative cooling potential in Energy Performance regulatios

WS16: How to make cheaper GSHPs in Europe/How to diffuse GSHP in Europe (Cheap-GSHPs/EU project)

WS17: Eurovent Innovation Hub – Adding value to your buildings: Efficient air curtain technologies made in Europe

WS18: European Voluntary Certification Scheme: a tool linking environment and energy to market value

WS19: Building Automation and Control Systems: continuous operational energy use optimization (REHVA Task Force)

WS20: How to improve the quality of the works and compliance of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)?

WS21: Coupling HVAC + Refrigeration +Lighting systems in shopping centers: technology solutions and modelling approach

WS22: Agenda for Ventilation and Air Infiltration 2020  and beyond: knowledge gaps, research priorities and the need for innovation

WS23: Quality management for building performance: Closing the gap between design and operations

WS24: Energy Refurbishment (REHVA Task Force)

WS31: Advanced airflow distribution methods for reduction exposure to indoor pollution

Swegon Air Academy participated in the CLIMA 2016!

And we have organized the first workshop on “Understanding HVAC Operational Performance” at the CLIMA 2016! , and were the lecturers!

Presentation, video and report from our workshop

You can download the PDF version of presentation (link here) by , and ! Read our workshop report (link here). Check out the video teaser (link here) from our workshop on “Understanding of the HVAC Operational Performance” at the CLIMA Conference 2016.