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December 29, 2016

Balanced ventilation against radon in homes!

Elevated levels of radon indoors is hazardous and can lead to lung cancer. Especially dangerous is radon for smokers because radon and smoking have major synergies.

Balanced ventilation against radon

Radon problems are addressed mostly through better ventilation. For example, if the radon is from building material, making a doubled ventilation flow to the radon levels will be reduced by half. If the radon instead comes from the ground, it is important to  build the so-called balanced ventilation, i.e. the same amount of air taken into the building as it is taken out of it. Balanced ventilation can in practice only be achieved by the ventilation system, both mechanical supply air and mechanical exhaust air (MVHR). Today, most homes have not got balanced ventilation.

Did you know that…

  • Only in Sweden caused 400-500 cases of lung cancer per year of radon. A large proportion of these are smokers.
  • According to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority is almost 500 000 homes in Sweden have with higher radon levels than the limit (200 Bq/m3), but only 10% of the residents of the houses with radon know of it. How about you?
  • The first step is a simple radon measurement in your home. This is usually done in the winter and you can order small measuring device online or via radon remediation firms.

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