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Building Case Study Enterprise Norwich updated! Lighting for people, not space!
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January 4, 2017

Building Case Study Enterprise Norwich updated! Lighting for people, not space!

Lighting for people was the key design element for design team of the Enterprise Center Norwich, highly awarded passive house and BREEAM building in UK. And also one of Swegon Air Academy Building Case Study (link to the case study).

Light people and their action, not space

Interesting article  published in the CIBSE Journal December 2016. The author describes how this building was designed as BREEAM and passive house and it become a unique demonstration centre. Over its lifetime the building´s embodied carbon is predicted to be one quarter that of a conventional structure. Lighting in a conventional scheme would take up one third of the building´s energy consumption. In a passive house project, where heating is minimized, a conventional lighting scheme would be responsible for more than half of consumption and would not be plausible. The use of LED would afford us a 20% energy savings but they needed to look at lighting in a different way. Looking at supplying adequate lighting when and where it was needed. And using daylight as much as possible with good building´s design. The principle aim was to light people and their action, not to light the space.

Read the full article about Englightened Thinking (link here).