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We ventilate for health!
January 12, 2017

We ventilate for health!

Design healthy buildings

Occupants are usually not good sensors of air quality in buildings, therefore we must design healthy buildings. The key questions are: what are important contaminants, how do we measure harm from them and how do we mitigate that harm? Productivity and ventilation link needs more work.

How to ventilate smart?

Change WHEN and at what RATE you ventilate to reduce energy use and maintain or improve IAQ. Focus on energy reductions as you can operate system LESS when:

  • temperature and humidity differences are largest
  • other fans (kitchen, bath, cloth dryer, economizer) are operating
  • home is not occupied
  • in-response to demand response or pricing signals from utilities

To maintain IAQ there is a need for real-time or scheduled ventilation.

Source: presentation on “Smart Ventilation” by Max Sherman from University of Nottingham.

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