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CO2 in homes! Measure temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide!
January 23, 2017

CO2 in homes! Measure temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide!

Many hazardous substances in our homes and in indoor air are neither smell nor give any clear symptoms. Clearly, however, that good ventilation is a very important prerequisite for the indoor air to be and be perceived as clean and healthy.

With simple measuring devices for household use, we can measure the air temperature and humidity. But to answer the question about the air we breathe is clean and healthy we need other instruments.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) in homes to measure air quality

The concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) is often used as a simple measure of air quality. Carbon dioxide meter is relatively simple and inexpensive. Carbon dioxide is measured as parts per million by volume of air. One thousand parts per million of CO2 in the air volume (1 000 ppm) is a frequent limit for acceptable long-term carbon dioxide level.

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