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Windows and additional insulation in our homes!
February 15, 2017

Windows and additional insulation in our homes!

Windows in our homes

Modern windows are relatively well insulated and they have normally three sheets of glass but also four glazed windows are readily available (they are especially used in passivhaus or low-energy buildings). The glass itself is not a particularly good thermal insulator, but between the glass sheets in the multi-glazed windows are tight crevices filled with stagnant air or gas itself that are insulating.

Additional insulation in our homes

In order to save heat energy, many choose to supplement insulation in their houses, especially in attics and crawl space floors because it is relatively easy and inexpensive. In some cases, however, additional insulation can change the conditions for the building’s function with respect to moisture can change very much and in such an improper manner this can lead to severe moisture and mold damages. You should always consult with an expert, such as retailers, before adding insulation by yourself.

Did you know that…?

  • Insulation products contain air because stagnant air can very badly  conduct heat.
  • Are your windows starting to reach their age limit? Select new ones with care. There are a variety of characteristics to consider. Consult with the expert.

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