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AIR: Complex relationships – simple explanations!
March 1, 2017

AIR: Complex relationships – simple explanations!

Control, regulation and monitoring – the deciding factors

In this electronic age, it is becoming increasingly obvious that control, regulation and monitoring plays a decisive role when it comes to maintaining good indoor climates and ensuring energy-efficient operarion of buildings, with subsequent minimal impact on the outdoor environment. The importance of providing solutions that give the client maximum freedom of choice and flexibility. The intelligent building is a simply a matter of choice, where centralized building management systems, so-called BMS systems are used for control, monitoring and management.

Complex relationships – simple explanations

Threre is a need to put a spotlight on factors and circumstances that are important in the quest for pleasing indoor environments and comfortable indoor climates, with due regard to energy issues and the outdoor environment. It is possible to radically improve poorly functioning systems – if we can explain the whys and wherefores.

The passage of air through an air handling system  from the outdoor air intake, via an air-conditioned room and into our lungs, with a full account of what happens on the way. The focus needs to be on physiological aspects, as well as the comfort, energy and environmental aspects. How different building designs affect the opportunities for creating good indoor climates is also discussed. Here, the effects that different factors have on each other are not always self-evident or discernable, nor are their specific effects on the indoor climate and total costs.

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