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Who will take home the REHVA guidebook no21?
March 3, 2017

Who will take home the REHVA guidebook no21?

Let´s start the lottery day!

It is another Friday, yay, and you all want to know the answer to the question: who will take home the REHVA guidebook no21 as annonced last Friday (link to the annoucement here)? All you had to do was to sign up to Follow Us (link here) or be already a member of Swegon Air Academy Followers.

Let´s announce the winner right away!

And the winner is Ralph from Australia! Congratulations, Ralph! I will contact your shortly via email.

So you can see that our network of people who “FOLLOW US” is really broad and international. And we have even some Aussie people joining our network!

If you did not win…

Don´t be sad, there will be more lotteries coming! So do not hesitate and sign up to Follow Us (link here). Read about benefits here.

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More about “Active and Passive Beam Application Design Guide”

The Active and Passive Beam Application Design Guide is the result of collaboration be worldwide experts to give system designers a current, authoritative guide on successfully applying active and passive beam technology. Active and Passive Beam Application Design Guide provide energy-efficient methods of cooling, heating, and ventilating indoor areas, especially spaces that require individual zone control and where internal moisture loads are moderate. The systems are simple to operate, with low maintenance requirements.

The book is an essential resource for consulting engineers, architects, owners, and contractors who are involved in the design, operation, and installations of these systems. Building on REHVA´s Chilled Beam Application Guidebook, this new guide provides up-to-date tools and advice for designing, commissioning, and operating chilled-beam systems to achieve a determined indoor climate, and includes examples of active and passive beam calculations and selections. Dual units (SI and I-P) are provided throughout.

Contents: Preface and Acknowledgments, Terms and Definitions, Symbols and Units, Abbreviations, Introduction, Comfort, Passive Beams, Active Beams, Primary Airflow Calculation Methodology; Controls, Installation and Commissioning; System Operation; Energy and Total Cost of Ownership; References and Bibliography; Appendix A: Examples for SI Applications, Appendix B: Examples for I-P Applications.