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New video about integrated design and ventilation!
March 16, 2017

New video about integrated design and ventilation!

Video on integrated design and ventilation

Check out Markus Kalo´s presentation on integrated design and ventilation, and how bad or good design of a building can influence the decesions needed for a good ventilation system and good energy performance of a building.

This video was taken during a Swegon Air Academy seminar on “XI. International Swegon Air Academy Seminar on Integrated Design and Data Center” in February in St. Petersburg 2017. The video is in English. You can also download the Markus´ presentation in PDF (link here).

Content of the presentation on integrated design and ventilation

  • Integrated design approach for cost-efficient sustainable buildings
  • Focus on the building shell (insulation, orientation, building material, air tightness etc.) to reduce the amount of installed power needed
  • Secure demand controlled climate (only ventilate, cool and heat as much as necessary and only when necessary) to reduce the consumed energy
  • Install HVAC systems with highly efficient energy recovery systems (heat exchangers, heat-pump technology with high COP etc.) to reduce the externally purchased energy
  • How a perfect indoor climate together with a sustainable design leads to profitable projects with short payback times

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