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ASHRAE Fundamentals – Handbook on IEQ and HVAC!
August 7, 2017

ASHRAE Fundamentals – Handbook on IEQ and HVAC!

A new book: ASHRAE Fundamentals!

I love summers, not only because of the vacation but also because ASHRAE always sends a good book! This time it is ASHRAE Fundamentals! And this is one of the perks of being an ASHRAE member!

With more than 1.000+ pages the book is divided into seven chapters describing:

  • principles (thermodynamics, heat transfer, sound, etc.),
  • indoor environmental quality (thermal comfort, health, odors, etc.),
  • load and energy calculations (ventilation, infiltration, cooling and heating loads for residential and non-residential),
  • HVAC design (air diffusion, duct and pipe design, insulation for mechanical sytems, airflows),
  • building envelope (heat, air and moisture control in building),
  • materials (combustion and fuels, refrigerants, etc.),
  • and general (energy resources, sustainability, mositure, measurement, units, standards, etc.).

Each chapter has been reviewed by the hundreds of industry experts on ASHRAE Technical Committees, who update chapters to cover current requirements, technology, and design practice. This expert review and revision sets the ASHRAE Fundamentals apart from other references.

More info about ASHRAE Fundamentals!

The book is available in SI and I-P units. And you can find more info about this book on ASHRAE website.

Stay tuned! More books coming this week!

On Wednesday I will introduce another book which has landed on my table!  And on Friday there is a big surprise for all of you! Swegon Air Academy has published a new book this year!

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