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New book on HISTORY OF VENTILATION TECHNOLOGY published by Swegon Air Academy!
August 11, 2017

New book on HISTORY OF VENTILATION TECHNOLOGY published by Swegon Air Academy!


Finally a new book on HISTORY of VENTILATION TECHNOLOGY by Swegon Air Academy is officially published today. It took a long time but I am proud of the result!

For a long time I was looking for a comprehensive book on history of ventilation technology, and it was all scattered in different books. So together with Daniel Olsson (read more about Daniel) we decided this would be our next book. Daniel wrote the text, which I and John Bitton edited, and Marketa Bravkova helped us with design and picture.

What is the History of Ventilation Technology about?

Read a short foreword by Brian Edwards (read about him), one of our favourite lecturer on Green buildings and sustainability:

“In the following HISTORY OF VENTILATION TECHNOLOGY – From a Western Perspective, the subject is examined in its historical context from a western-world perspective, from ancient times until the present day. A picture is provided of how ventilation has always been a part of the building process and how the methods to provide suitable ventilation have advanced alongside the developments in building techniques. The ventilation solutions now available are directly related to the way in which we design and build, as well as to the demands we make on the indoor climate.

The following historical overview is a contribution worth considering to the understanding of the fact that evercontinuing developments of both building techniques and methods of ventilation are really important.”

The History of Ventilation Technology is free for download!

Download our book by going to this page (link here) and filling the form.

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