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Wireless or wired! New technology in DCV ventilation!
September 6, 2017

Wireless or wired! New technology in DCV ventilation!

To go wireless or be wired! That is the question!

Demand controlled ventilation system (DCV) is frequently used in buildings to secure the optimized indoor climate with a minimum energy consumed. The DCV system can supply heating and cooling via air handling unit (AHU) and/or chillers. Traditionally all HVAC components are connected via wires and mainly modbus connection. This is the optimized and hands-on system, but it is not very versitale.

Let´s do meshing and frequency shifting!

The communication between HVAC components can be nowadays done also via wireless connection, using 2,4 GHz band which is already used for mobile phones, WLAN, microwaves, etc. A mesh network is a network topology in which each node relays data for the network. This means that even if one node is out of service the data will be transferred to all other nodes.

Modern wireless technology!

Read interesting summary of modern wireless technology by Jan Risen: “Applying modern wireless technology will generate several advantages compared to traditional wired solutions. The experience from wired systems is that a big part of the problems is related to the installation and commissioning of the network. Finding mistakes in the wiring is, often, quite time consuming.”

“Another drawback with a wired system is that it limits the flexibility once the installation is completed. All changes in the disposition of the building is generating rework of the wiring and related costs. A typical case is creating additional meeting rooms by merging several small office rooms together. The adaption of a wireless system to this new situation is done by digital reconfiguration of the existing installation, no physical change of the installation is needed.”

Read full article published at the REHVA Journal 4/2017 here: Wireless technology in demand controlled ventilation DCV by Jan Risen (link to the article).

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