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HISTORY of Ventilation Technology is printed!
September 13, 2017

HISTORY of Ventilation Technology is printed!

Printed version of HISTORY of Ventilation Technology available in English!

Another project done by Swegon Air Academy! Printed version of HISTORY of Ventilation Technology in English is on my desk! And you can order the book History of Ventilation Technology printed in English via Swegon Air Academy Bookshop (link here), the price is 5 EUR! Don´t forget that you can also download our book for FREE in PDF format by going to this page (link here) and filling the form.

Quality of the air in history!

The primary purpose of all buildings is either to house people or to provide suitable spaces where activities of different kinds can be pursued. To achieve this, the indoor climate must be such that the occupants can experience comfort and avoid being subject to health hazards. Importantly, the quality of the indoor climate must be maintained an acceptable level, which means, among other things, being totally void of smells and any substances that could lead to health risks.

Nearly all pollutants in indoor air come either from the building’s occupants, their activities or the building itself. To ensure that the air does not suddenly deteriorate, the pollutants must be continually removed. This is what a ventilation system does and its proper functioning is a prerequisite for us to be able to remain indoors. However, ventilation can be a somewhat difficult subject to understand, perhaps because it is often first noticed when it fails to perform, i.e. when its effects are insufficient or in some way cause annoyance. Even so, it is and always has been an essential ingredient in the art of designing and constructing buildings.

Having a well-functioning ventilation solution – one that ensures good quality indoor climate, is energy-efficient and does not produce any annoying side effects – is nowadays taken for granted. However, it is still something that we must persistently strive for, both in the existing building stock and in new construction. The following historical overview is a contribution worth considering to the understanding of the fact that these endeavours are really important.

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