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New lottery! 20x HISTORY for Followers!
September 22, 2017

New lottery! 20x HISTORY for Followers!

Friday is lottery day! 20x new books for our Followers!

It´s Friday! And we have a new lottery day! As you know from my last article, the printed editions of the HISTORY of Ventilation Technology has arrived on my desk (read here). And I have decided to the the lottery of 20 printed books for our current and new Followers! And all you have to do to have a chance to win one of these 20 books is to already be a Swegon Air Academy Follower or sign up to Follow Us (link here).

So sign up and next week I will announce 20 lucky winners!

Other books by Swegon Air Academy!

Swegon Air Academy has published three books AIR Swegon Air Academy (find out what is this book about), Simply EPBD (download free chapters from this book) and Simply GREEN (read more about the book)! Order these books at Swegon Air Academy Bookstore (link here)!

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