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3x videos from Tallinn: Oslo Opera House, Tall Buildings and Air Handling Unit!
December 19, 2017

3x videos from Tallinn: Oslo Opera House, Tall Buildings and Air Handling Unit!

New videos from Tallinn, Estonia!

Videos from Swegon Air Academy seminar organized on 6th of December 2017 in Tallin, Estonia on “Design challenges, indoor air quality and ventilation technology in magnificent buildings “! Our lecturers Ida Bryn, Vince Ugarow and Mikael Borjesson. gave wonderful presentations on the following topics:

Watch the videos!

Ida Bryn´s presentation is all about design and requirements for different types of areas for Oslo Opera House, ventilation challenges for supply air units and climate in orchestra pit, results form monitoring and thermal comfort and facade design and energy efficiency.

Vince Ugarow´s presentation is about tall building design – challenges and opportunities, influenced by geographical location and in context with the local environment, outline strategies – what influences how many plantrooms are required in tall buildings, retaining flexibility of space – allowing for future tenant requirements, natural ventilation design. Case Study: Sky Garden, 20 Fenchurch Street, London, and air quality for office workers in high rise buildings. Case Study: Hilson Moran offices, Neo Building, Manchester.

Mikael Borjesson´s presentation is a commercial presentation about new generation of Compact air handling units when standardization meets adaptation. The new GOLD air handling unit crosses the border for what we know about air handling units with Compact design. What performance will you have if you integrate the production of heating and cooling inside an air handling unit? New GOLD air handling unit with integrated reversible heat pump. How to ventilate with minimal risk of contamination from extract air? GOLD air handling unit with rotary exchanger and counter flow exchanger for different applications.

Download the presentations in PDF!