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CIBSE Book for Buildings for Extreme Environments for Cold Climates!
January 25, 2018

CIBSE Book for Buildings for Extreme Environments for Cold Climates!

CIBSE book about Cold Climates!

You all know that I like to read about cold climates and sometime ago one of my friends John Woollett told me that he is on the board of the CIBSE committee and they will write a book about cold climate. And finally the book is now on my desk and I can browse through it.

What does CIBSE say about this book?

“In examining what would be appropriate to our members, a publication that embraced the world and environments beyond the confines of the Middle East became an obvious step forward. Instead of generating a document that had a geographical base as before, it seemed more relevant to create one that was climate zone driven, which could be applied to different parts of the world as appropriate.

This document on cold climates is the third of a three-part series that reflects different climate zones. These three, linked to the relevant pages on the CIBSE Knowledge Portal, are: Arid (2014), Tropical (2017) and Cold Climates (2017).

With an ever-increasing number of our members working on international projects, or being based in locations unfamiliar to them, these documents have been designed to provide an introduction to topics that might be unfamiliar and to provide information upon which reasoned judgements may be made or lead to further research to be undertaken in support of their professional duties.”

Contents: climate, design, building, equipment and sustainability

1 Climate, weather and the sun
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Scope of data
1.3 Climate classification
1.4 Climate information and data
1.5 Climate analysis: Dfb, Dwb and Dwa
1.6 Microclimate considerations
1.7 Illumination
1.8 Climatic design information

2 Design information
2.1 Comfort
2.2 Basic design considerations
2.3 Lighting
2.4 Noise and vibration

3 Building design, construction and materials
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Building thermal performance
3.3 Thermal performance recommendations
3.4 Moisture control and condensation problems

4 Equipment design
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Utility services
4.3 Air conditioning and distribution systems
4.4 Water and sanitation
4.5 Control systems
4.6 Electrical distribution systems
4.7 Lighting
4.8 Vertical transportation
4.9 Fire safety and protection

5 Sustainability issues and site impact
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Measuring sustainability: benchmarking systems in cold climates
5.3 Sustainability considerations in cold climates
5.4 Design for sustainability

References and bibliography, Index


Chair: David Hughes
Lead authors: Paul Angus (AECOM); Jamie Dabner (Integral Group); John Dick (Arup); David Green (CDML Consulting ALB Ltd.); David Hughes
Other authors & contributors: Steven Campbell (Cundall); David Cooper (LECS UK); Max Deuble (EMF Griffiths); Eszter Gulácsy (Mott McDonald); Simon Hancock (Hann Tucker Associates); Sean McKeag (AECOM); George Marskell (WSP); Ruth Shilston (Arup); Brian F Smith (Arup); Robert Turner; John Wollett; Runming Yao (University of Reading)

Get the book about Cold Climates!

The book is available at the CIBSE Knowledge Portal at www.cibse.org. Picture source from CIBSE.