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New seminar in St. Petersburg: XII. International Seminar Swegon Air Academy on Architecture, BIM and Buildings!
February 9, 2018

New seminar in St. Petersburg: XII. International Seminar Swegon Air Academy on Architecture, BIM and Buildings!

Swegon Air Academy has the pleasure of inviting you to a new seminar “XII. International Seminar Swegon Air Academy on Architecture, BIM and Buildings” in St. Petersburg, Russia on 13th of February 2017. The seminar will be about architecture, BIM and buildings presented by Frank Hovorka, Martha Enriquez-Reinberg and Markus Kalo.


BIM, the building avatar, towards information evaluation in real estate by Frank Hovorka, Head of Strategy at Quartus, Paris, France

Effects of solar radiation in architecture, high performing buildings and mechanical ventilation system! by Martha Enriquez-Reinberg, Owner of Architekturbüro Reinberg, Vienna, Austria

Modern sustainable buildings as a logic consequence of human needs by Markus T. Kalo, M.Sc., Managing Director, lntegrated Planning & Design, Sweden Systems & Solutions Advisor, Swegon, Sweden


Contact Antonina Sosnina at a.sosnina@pmvent.ru for more information. The invitation can be obtained after registration by Antonina. The program is in English and Russian.

About lecturers!

Frank Hovorka started his career in 1990 in construction field. In 1997, he joined the French state owned group « Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations » to work as the technical director of the property management subsidiary based in Prague (Czech Republic). In 2000, he came back to France in order to work for EMGP as an operational manager. Frank participated in the development of several commercial buildings during these last years focusing on sustainable development (offices, data center, TV studios ) and a project of 40 000 m² of green shopping mall. In 2005 he achieved the first office building certified as a « green building » by Certivea (French green building council).  Frank is also involved in research projects for net zero energy buildings and financial indicators for the green value (UNEP FI). Since September 2010 Frank worked for the “Caisse des depots” group in charge of the real estate sustainable development policy. Nowadays Frank works as a the head of stratégy in Quartus in Paris, France.

Martha Enriquez-Reinberg studied Architecture at the University ITESO, Guadalajara Mexico. From 1980 till 1982 she worked at the State Department of Urban Planning in Mexico. In 1986-1989 she was the Assistant at the Faculty of Architecture, ITESO (chair for design) and also took part in several research projects. Since 1990, Martha works together with Arch. Georg W. Reinberg in Vienna, Austria. And since 2004 she takes part in the lecture of „Building with Earth“ at the Technical University of Vienna and she is also involved in since 2014 in the teaching at FH Campus Vienna, University of Applied Sciences, Green Building Bachelor Program.

Markus T. Kalo is educated as a buildings engineer and architect from the University of Delft in Holland. Markus has worked in the industry for many years and is currently Systems & Solutions Advisor for Swegon AB where he is involved in the development of system platforms for different types of buildings with focus on comfort and minimizing Life Cycle Costs (LCC). Markus also one of the owners of the company Integrated Planning and Design (IP&D) where he focuses on the integration of architectural and technical solutions for different building types.