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Happy Easter! 3x videos from St. Petersburg: BIM, solar radiation and human needs in buildings!
March 28, 2018

Happy Easter! 3x videos from St. Petersburg: BIM, solar radiation and human needs in buildings!

New Swegon Air Academy videos from St. Petersburg, Russia!

Swegon Air Academy videos were recoreded from the seminar organized on 13th of February 2018 in St. Petersburg, Russia on “XII. International Seminar Swegon Air Academy on Architecture, BIM and Buildings!“! Our lecturers Frank Hovorka, Martha Enriquez-Reinberg and Markus T. Kalo gave wonderful presentations on the following topics:

Watch the videos!

Frank Hovorka´s presentation is all BIM a new tool for value creation in buildings, focusing on various aspects such as time and quantity and quality  of information, information exchange, risks and data security, design in BIM and example of energy: NZEB during the life cycle, building passports and building standards in modelling. And also about holistic approach with economy, energy, global change and occupants in buildings.

Martha Enriquez-Reinberg´s presentation is about architecture within the framework of today, some topics of  importance such as building materials, energy productive houses and urban design. And Martha also showed many good examples of buildings´ design such as solar architecture in renovation and plus energy house.

Markus Kalo´s presentation focuses on human needs in buildings. Since the very beginning of mankind humans had the same physiological needs for e.g. air, regulation of temperature, shelter. During the last 300 000 years men has become more and more developed and sophisticated to secure these needs. Since the industrial revolution 250 years ago solutions have become more and more technical and advanced but also more complicated. Due to extensive urbanisation also new challenges like pollution and noise levels have to be dealt with. Is there a logical, straight forward way to create modern sustainable buildings?

Download the presentations in PDF!

  • BIM, the building avatar, towards information evaluation in real estate by Frank Hovorka, Head of Strategy at Quartus, Paris, France (link to download in PDF here)
  • Effects of solar radiation in architecture, high performing buildings and mechanical ventilation system! by Martha Enriquez-Reinberg, Owner of Architekturbüro Reinberg, Vienna, Austria (link to download in PDF here)
  • Modern sustainable buildings as a logic consequence of human needs by Markus T. Kalo, M.Sc., Managing Director, lntegrated Planning & Design, Sweden Systems & Solutions Advisor, Swegon, Sweden (link to download in PDF here)

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