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Congratulation to David P. Wyon! Lifetime Achievement and Best Paper Awards!
August 14, 2018

Congratulation to David P. Wyon! Lifetime Achievement and Best Paper Awards!


As you know David P. Wyon is one of the most popular Swegon Air Academy lectures. David has given lectures at more than 20 Swegon Air Academy seminars worldwid. And he is also one of Swegon Air Academy webinar presenter. David is a  researcher and visiting professor at the International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Copenhagen. And I was very pleased to hear that David P. Wyon was the recipient of two awards: “Best Paper Award 2014-16” and “Lifetime Achievement Award”!

At the Opening Ceremony of the 2018 meeting of ISIAQ (International Society for Indoor Air Quality and Climate, www.isiaq.org) in Philadelphia last week, attended by over 800 ISIAQ members, which I attended by special invitation from Sunday to Tuesday, David P. Wyon was the recipient of two awards:

Best Paper Award 2014-2016!

From Indoor Air Journal, the premier journal in the field of Indoor Air Sciences, Best Paper Award 2014-16 for the paper on how bedroom air quality affects sleep and next-day performance (Swegon Air Academy paid the fee for Open Access to this paper, allowing unrestricted commercial and other use of it). Six of the papers published in IAJ in every 3-year period are designated Best Papers. It is also worth noting that 75% of the papers submitted to Indoor Air are rejected, although they may subsequently be published elsewhere. Almost two years after its publication, David P. Wyon´s and co-author´s paper on how bedroom air quality affects sleep is still the most downloaded from IAJ. I had also received the Best Paper award in the period 1999-2001 for a paper on how indoor air quality in offices affects mental performance. You can read about these awards here: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1111/ina.12361

Lifetime Achievement Award!

From the International Academy of Indoor Air Sciences, now known as the ISIAQ Academy of Fellows, the Lifetime Achievement Award, with the citation “in recognition of his consistent, lifelong and outstanding scientific contributions to understanding the effects of indoor environment on human performance”. This award has only been made twice before in the 26 years the Academy has existed.

And what David P. Wyon says about these awards and his work?

“At a celebration dinner on Tuesday, Professor Geo Clausen of the Department of Civil Engineering at DTU, stated that this was NOT the end of my 50-year collaboration with his department, which he hoped would continue for many years. However, I shall be 78 this month, so “many years” should probably be read as “a few more years”!”

And on that note, I must definitely agree with Geo and wish David many years of great work!

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And watch these webinars also in Swedish. Or download many interesting articles and presentations by David P. Wyon (link here).

Picture was taken from the Webinar 3 at Swegon Air Academy.