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Book Sale at Swegon Air Academy Bookshop!
September 25, 2018

Book Sale at Swegon Air Academy Bookshop!

We are organizing book sale at Swegon Air Academy Bookshop!

Check Swegon Air Academy bookshop and order books at the sale price! We have discounted Swegon Air Academy books and also REHVA guidebooks.

Order books at Swegon Air Academy bookshop (link here).

You can click on image of each book to learn more about each book or use the right-side menu to visit a specific page for every book that we offer.


Books for 5 EUR!

Swegon Air Academy HISTORY of Ventilation Technology (in English) for 5 EUR


Books for 10 EUR!

Swegon Air Academy Simply GREEN (in English) or GRÖNT Helt Enkelt (på svenska) for 10 EUR

Swegon Air Academy Simply EPBD (in English) for 10 EUR


Books for 10 EUR!

REHVA No.5 Chilled Beam Application Guidebook for 20 EUR

REHVA No.10 Computational Fluid Dynamics in Ventilation Design for 20 EUR

REHVA No.11 Air Filtration in HVAC Systems for 20 EUR

REHVA No.12 Solar Shading for 20 EUR

REHVA No.13 Indoor Environment and Energy Efficiency in Schools for 20 EUR

REHVA No.21 Active and Passive Beam Application Design Guide for 20 EUR


Books for 30 EUR!

AIR Swegon Air Academy (in English) or LUFT Swegon Air Academy (på svenska) for 30 EUR

REHVA No.2 Ventilation Effectiveness for 30 EUR

REHVA nZEB technical definition and system boundaries for nearly zero energy buildings for 30 EUR

REHVA No.6: REHVA Workshops at CLIMA 2016 – Building and HVAC system performance in practice for 30 EUR


Books for 50 EUR!

REHVA No.6 Indoor Climate and Productivity in Offices for 50 EUR

REHVA No.7 Low temperature heating and high temperature cooling for 50 EUR

REHVA No.8 Cleanliness of ventilation systems for 50 EUR

REHVA No.9 Hygiene requirement for ventilation and air-conditioning for 50 EUR

REHVA No.14 Indoor Climate Quality Assessment for 50 EUR

REHVA No.15 Energy Efficient Heating and Ventilation of Large Halls for 50 EUR

REHVA No.16 HVAC in Sustainable Office Buildings for 50 EUR

REHVA No.17 Design of energy efficient ventilation and air-conditioning systems for 50 EUR

REHVA No.18 Legionellosis Prevention in Building Water and HVAC Systems for 50 EUR

REHVA No.19 Mixing ventilation for 50 EUR

REHVA No.20 Advanced system design and operation of GEOTABS buildings for 50 EUR