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People spend less than 10% of their time outdoors!
December 10, 2018

People spend less than 10% of their time outdoors!

Where do we spend the time?

In temperate and polar latitudes, people often spend less than 10% of their time outdoors. More than 90% is spent at home, in kindergartens, at school, at work, in public premises, in vehicles etc and most of this time is usually spent at home and in bedrooms.

About 65% of our lifetime is often spent at home, 20 % in other premises and further 5% in vehicles.

The working population usually spends about 20-30% of its time at work and an increasing proportion of employees have their workplaces in non-industrial environments.

Where our children spend the time?

Across Europe, 90 million children and young people spend their weekdays in schools, colleges and universities. Schools accommodate about 4 times more occupants than a standard office building with the same floor space.

Ventilation rates are generally lower in homes and the time spent there is much longer than at work. And schools often do not have mechanical ventilation system.

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