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New video added: “WELL building standard” by Gerrit-Jan Teunissen!
March 21, 2019

New video added: “WELL building standard” by Gerrit-Jan Teunissen!

New Swegon Air Academy video about WELL from St. Petersburg, Russia!

Swegon Air Academy video was recoreded from the seminar organized on 14th of February 2019 in St. Petersburg, Russia on “XIII. International Seminar Swegon Air Academy on WELL building standard”! Our lecturer was Gerrit-Jan Teunissen from the Netherlands. Gerrit-Jan Teunissen delivered a presentation about the WELL Building Standard, healthy buildings and people´s well-beings.

Gerrit-Jan Teunissen is WELL Accredited Professional & Faculty Member, LEED AP BD&C/O&M and LEED Fellow Nominee. Gerrit-Jan is currently responsible for the majority LEED registered projects in the Netherlands. As a consultant in the energy and sustainability at TRAJECT, his contribution to project teams are energy technology consultancy, cost calculations, integrative design management, commissioning, maintenance planning etc.

Watch the video about WELL!

Gerrit-Jan´s presentation was all about introduction to WELL building standard for buildings and the importance of Health & Wellbeing. He focused on (the “concepts”): not only technical measures, also “soft”-services (cleaning, catering, pest control, biophilia design, movement). Gerrit-Jan has also showcased his experience with certifications for real buildings and case studies including some key features. And great chapter was about benefits of WELL building standard for owners & occupants. The Netherlands is second largest WELL registered space in EU, and he is responsible for a few new and existing certification projects.  Futhermore, a comparison with other rating systems for buildings was shown.

Download the presentation in PDF!

  • “WELL Building Standard” by Ing. Gerrit-Jan Teunissen, Consultant at TRAJECT Adviseurs & Managers, The Netherlands (link to download in PDF here)

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