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About WELL from Russia! Guide for stakeholders!
April 15, 2019

About WELL from Russia! Guide for stakeholders!

Introduction to WELL

Gerrit-Jan Teunissen´s presentation in St. Petersburg in Russia on 14th of February 2019 was all about WELL Building Standard with a focus on concepts, technical measures and practical experience. Gerrit-Jan talked about basic facts delivered from statistics from the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI):

  • Improved indoor air quality = 8 -11% higher productivity
  • 80% average occupants is dehydrated
  • Depression reduced by 27% by fruit & vegetables
  • Views to outdoor environment increases concentration by 15%
  • Too warm: productivity 4% lower
  • Too cold: productivity 6% lower
  • Noisy environment reduces concentration by 15%
  • Concentration increases by 6% with views on green (roof)

In the presentation, Gerrit-Jan introduced some real experience with certification for real buildings and case studies including some key features. He spoke greatly about the WELL benefits for the owners and occupants of the buildings. And he showcased some comparisons of WELL, LEED and BREEAM with the Dutch building code.

About WELL building standard in a depth

WELL building standards focuses on points-based scoring (for platinum, gold and silver), and in total there are 110 points available (100 pts from optimizations and 10 pts reserved for innovations), and this offers “more ways to get there”. WELL certification can be used for new buildings as well as for renovated buildings. And it is also possible to create a custom card for a building with different activities that would include the relevant WELL features (for example, a custom card for the church building that would exclude the points-based scoring for food).

In most building standards, the calculation and comparisons are done per m2 (per square meter), but WELL Building Standard often focuses on the performance calculation per person (per one occupant), which gives an interesting perspective at investing in people for return on investment. In addition, all building standards should focus on the comparison of energy & performance, sustainability and health & well-being.

Guide for stakeholders interested in WELL

The attendees from the audience had many questions for Gerrit-Jan after his presentation. One of the questions being on how they can interest the stakeholders and investors in about WELL Building Standard and its application. In Russia, the builder is rarely the future occupant of a building, which may be a challenge with integrated design, building standards and long-term evaluations.

“Interesting stakeholders for WELL are always difficult to get and it all depends on which factors are important for the interested party,” says Tim Beuker (WELL AP + indoor climate specialist) and gives further advices:

  • Employers benefit from a healthy (WELL) building by increased productivity of their employees, increased wellbeing, increased morale and attracting talent.
  • Investors benefit from a healthy (WELL) building because it is easier to find a tenant for such buildings / such buildings can be rented out at a premium. Healthy / WELL certified buildings might increase investment portfolio value by increasing the rating of the portfolio (GRESB).
  • Insurance companies might benefit from healthy (WELL) buildings because this provides them with opportunities for preventive healthcare like healthy foods and encouraging movement.
  • Human Resources departments benefit from WELL because it provides them with a good example of what a healthy work environment should look like.

Download presentation and watch the video about WELL

Overall, the audience was really happy with his presentation and they have learned something new. Swegon Air Academy has again fulfilled its task of bringing some new and interesting information for the attendees of this seminar. And it gave them another insight into what can be done with building standard and for people. And how to think at a deeper level to bring together perspectives at the levels of buildings and people.

Download Gerrit-Jan Teunissen´s presentation at https://www.swegonairacademy.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Gerrit-Jan-Teunissen-WELL-building-standard.pdf

Watch the recording of Gerrit-Jan Teunissen´s speech at https://www.swegonairacademy.com/video/swegon-air-academy-seminar-well-building-standard/