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Cultural and high performing buildings in demand! 3x Opera Houses!
July 29, 2019

Cultural and high performing buildings in demand! 3x Opera Houses!

Cultural and high performing buildings as Opera Houses are in demand!

The world famous architects such as architects from Snøhetta, Arkitektfirmaet Lundgaard og Tranberg A/S and Shigeru Ban Architects have one thing in common: they have designed famous opera houses! And that are Norwegian Opera and Ballet House in Oslo in Norway, Royal Danish Opera House in Copenhagen in Denmark and La Seine Musicale in Paris in France.

Design, technology and efficiency for Opera Houses!

These buildings need to be beautifully designed, equipped with modern technologies and super energy-efficient building systems. DCV, control strategies (BEMS and benchmarking) and building instegrated PV system are the key factors for high performance of the Norwegian Opera Ballet House in Oslo. In the Royal Danish Opera House, focus has been on heat pumps, seawater cooling, thermo-active slabs and the use of environmental concrete. La Seine Musicale has obtained the HQE certification with 3 certification audits aquired during design and construction stages: resulting in a very ambitious environmental profile (11 targets on a Very Performant level out of 14 targets).

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