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Where you live? 5x special family homes and apartment buildings!
August 2, 2019

Where you live? 5x special family homes and apartment buildings!

Where you live, what you eat and how do you feel?

These are important questions to ask and the knowledge about the homes where we live is important. Swegon Air Academy Case Studies are compaling interesting information about residential buildings – single and family homes, and also apartment buildings.

“Homes are important. They are the places where we live, pray, suffer, laugh and cry… Places where we always want to return and remember how it was.” By Oscar Niemeyer

5x special family homes and apartment buildings!

Future Active House in Stjørdal was built in 2012 as a single family house in Stjørdal with footpring of 165 m2 with wooden frame construction with natural ventilation. Automatically controlled roof windows and four facade windows with sunscreens prevent overheating on hot days and heat loss in colder times. User friendly control of the indoor climate through touch panels and LED lighting.

Villa Moelven is a celebration of the raw materials from the forest in 2015. The building is constructed of 100% wood products and the aim is to show that a sustainable, eco-friendly and energy-efficient building can look good. The open construction lets the house “breathe” – which creates an ideal living environment.

Single and double family houses in Greenland describes a set of single and double family houses built in Greenland in first half of 20th century. First type is 18D (single and double family house) and second is Tuapannguanut (alias “Lego” row houses). These single and double family houses were build with inadequate insulation, lacking air tightness and also no ventilation system. What is the situation in these houses (including indoor climate and energy renovation), a new proposal how to “wrap up” the buildings in extra layer of insulation including super air tight layer, and design of efficient ventilation system in a limited space and extensive monitoring system.

Kv. Granen in Norrköping, the main argument was the energy saving in residential building with apartments built in 1971 and refurbished in 2014. The goal was to save 50 kWh m2 but calculations show that the potential can be greater than that. New supply and exhaust air ducts have been drawn to each apartment by using a stroller storage that runs across all floors of the stairwell and placed a new mechanical ventilation unit with rotary heat exchangers in the attic.

Hamnhuset in Gothenburg are two residential buildings with 115 apartments located in Gothenburg, Sweden, is renovated as a passive house (according German definition) and also it has obtained the Green Building certification. And built with these design concepts: reaching a quarter of normal heating demand, emitting a quarter of normal CO2 emissions, creating a very good indoor environment and making extensive simulations and LCC-calc, and having reasonable rents for tenants.

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