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New case study added: Architectural La Vela in Nueva Sede BBVA in Madrid!
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September 2, 2019

New case study added: Architectural La Vela in Nueva Sede BBVA in Madrid!

Another beautiful Swegon Air Academy case study added to the already growing portfolio of wonderful, practical and sustainable buildings. Architectural La Vela in Nueva Sede BBVA is located in Madrid, Spain (link to the case study). Swegon Air Academy Building Case Studies is a collection of interesting buildings and articles and presentations about their indoor climate, monitoring, design & architecture, certifications, and so on.

Architectural La Vela in Nueva Sede BBVA!

The 7 interconnected low-rise units that integrate Ciudad BBVA in Madrid gravitate around the 100-meter diameter plaza presided over by La Vela: a 93 meter high-rise that has already claimed a spot in Madrid’s skyline. The BBVA City is a complex of 114,000 m2 of offices and services. BBVA City’s flagship building was designed by architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron. It was built in 2015. The headquarters had to project strength, quality, efficiency and commitment to the environment, but above all, it had to be a project designed to improve the comfort of people.

The project BBVA in Madrid achieved LEED Gold certificate. The climate control is designed with 49 000 m2 of glass facade with an argon gas chamber to insulate heat from direct solar radiation. The chilled beam system uses 11% less energy than conventional systems. To reduce the heat island effect there is around 30 000 m2 of green spaces, along with 100 000 low water use plants such as scrubs and bushes, over 400 hanging plants, 490 trees, and the buildings have green roofs.

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