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Test your knowledge about DCV with CIBSE and Case Study Engelsons!
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November 29, 2019

Test your knowledge about DCV with CIBSE and Case Study Engelsons!

Test your knowledge about demand-controlled ventilation with CIBSE Module 148 and one of the Swegon Air Academy Case Studies called Engelsons!

The CIBSE Modlu 148 will test your knowledge with the “Demand-controlled ventilation for comfort, wellbeing and resource efficiency”. A demand-controlled ventilation (DCV) is a strategy that can reduce building energy consumption while delivering good levels of occupant comfort. Most buildings regularly operate at occupancies below the design maximum and can benefit from the ventilation being controlled to supply reduced flows that satisfy heating and cooling loads as well as meeting outdoor air requirements. This CPD will reflect on the state of current DCV systems and illustrate the potential application of the technology to a case study multi-use building.

Download the module 148 (link here) and on the read it carefully. And on the last page you can find the test.

The Engelsons Office in the Swegon Air Academy Case Studies!

The Engelsons office-retail building with an area of 2,203 m² was built in 2009 in Falkenberg in Sweden could be considered as a multi-functional building with the indoor climate conditions controlled by a hybrid ventilation system of air and water. In this hybrid system there are two methods of ventilation and heating/cooling: first with air diffusers with constant air flow and second with climate beams with demand-controlled on water side and constant air flow on air side. The building is used as offices, a warehouse and a store with packing area. During the design process, the choice was to use a solution which merges energy efficiency and high standard of indoor air quality (IAQ) with the constant monitoring of temperature, humidity and energy consumption.

Read more about this building (link here).

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