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Air in schools!
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September 24, 2021

Air in schools!

Decades of research in air quality and ventilation in schools!

Several thousand years ago, the first so-called schools were founded, and the school education of people started. Today, education can take up to ¼ of human life, and most of the time is spent indoors – in school buildings. Environment – inside (indoor) and around (outside) – school buildings affect students’ health, thinking and performance.

Decades of scientific and research findings show that there already exists substantial and robust evidence of how a healthy indoor climate and good ventilation affect children and their performance in schools.

Did you know these interesting facts about the air in schools?

Children spend many years in school. Formal education can be estimated, generally, at 10-12 years (minimum), 17-20 years (standard with university education), and it can also take up to
20+ years (with postgraduate education).

A person spends about 1/7 or even a quarter of their life at school (education before/after school is not taken into account).

Light, temperature and air quality.  Together, these elements account for half the learning impact of school design.

According to the US EPA, schools have up to four times more occupants than office buildings in the same amount of floor space.

The research data show that the schools have problems with high occupancy density in classrooms, which leads to overcrowding and higher ventilation requirements due to the high internal gains and significant emissions of pollutants inside (and often outside) buildings.

Children are not little adults. They have unique needs, sensitivities and vulnerabilities. And it is becoming increasingly evident that the current school building conditions may not sufficiently protect the students’ developing bodies and minds.

Future healthy students in smart school buildings!

Students deserve to develop, learn and thrive in a healthy environment that optimises their potential to succeed and safeguards children’s well-being. The future needs healthy and smart school buildings with an excellent indoor environment for healthy air in schools.

Want to know more about the importance of good air in schools?

Download a free white paper with lots of information from the research worlds on “Education and Indoor Climate, Air quality and ventilation in schools” by Swegon (Swegon link here).

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