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New case study! Recreation, library, arts and parks — in a seamlessly integrated Clayton Community Centre!
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September 30, 2021

New case study! Recreation, library, arts and parks — in a seamlessly integrated Clayton Community Centre!

A new Swegon Air Academy building case study was added! Clayton Community Centre in Surrey, Canada!

The large passive house building, completed in 2020/2021, features a library, gymnasium, child care facility, art and music studios, several multi-purpose rooms and a rehearsal hall on the main floor. The second level will contain additional library space, a fitness centre and more multi-purpose rooms, all contained in an energy-efficient facility.

What are the challenges between residential passive house projects compared to large community centres!

“In contrast to residential passive house projects, significant challenges are created by internal heat gains, which proved to be enormous contributors of heat in the buildings.” Explained Melissa Higgs. “The community centre, which will house a community library, and includes a variety of recreational uses including a gymnasium and fitness centre, visual and performing arts spaces and a preschool, is expected to operate from 6 am until 11 pm daily. The long operating hours combined with intense usage result in high internal heat gains, largely from occupants
and equipment. The centre anticipates an average of more than 650 people using the facility on an hourly basis and has a lighting load almost 40 times higher than a typical residential load. Considering these high internal heat gains, a very efficient passive house certified ventilation system with heat recovery helps reach an overall heating load that is half of the passive house limit. However, this also leads to an overheating situation for many months of the year, and has a drastic impact on the cooling loads of the building, pushing them to more than five times than permitted by the passive house.”

Symbiosis with the surrounding green world!

Extension of the forest on the site and with a focus on quality designs. The roof and building envelope mimic the tree canopy to unify the four traditionally civic services underneath, with a leaf-like heavy timber structure span across large spaces. The interlocking members of its pinwheel components metaphorically and structurally gain their strength by all components being interconnected.

Read more about this case study (link here).

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