Our collaborations and partners

Swegon Air Academy collaborates with a number of international organisations around the world, as well as with numerous associations in Scandinavia, especially in Sweden. Swegon Air Academy is also a part of a wide variety of projects.

International collaborations 

AIVC Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre www.aivc.org logo-AIVC-120x48.jpg
ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers  www.ashrae.org ASHRAE-Logo-120x83.jpg
CEN European Committee for Standardization  www.cen.eu
CIBSE Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers  www.cibse.org CIBSE_logo.jpg
EFRIARC Portuguese Association of Regrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (* in Portugese: Associacoa Portuguesa dos Engenheiros de Frio Industrial e Ar Condicionado) www.efriarc.pt logoEFRIARC.jpg
Eurovent Eurovent www.eurovent.eu EUROVENT-logo-120x25.jpg
ECC Eurovent Certia Certification www.eurovent-certification.com EUROVENT-Certification-logo-120x35.png
PHI  Passive House Institute (* in German: Passivhaus Institut) www.passiv.de Passivhaus-Institut-logo-120x101.png
SCANVAC Scandinavian Federation of Heating, Ventilation and Sanitary Engineering Associations in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden  www.scanvac.edu scanvac-logo-120x35.jpeg
SINTEF Norwegian Applied Research Technology and innovation (* in Norwegian: Anvendt forskning, teknologi og innovasjon) www.sintef.no SINTEF_logo-120x46.png
VKE Norwegian Refrigeration and HVAC Association (* in Norwegian: Foreningen for Ventilasjon, Kulde og Energi) www.vke.no VKE-logo-120x23.png


Swedish collaborations

Astma- och Allergiförbundet * in English: Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association www.astmaoallergiforbundet.se Astma-och-Allergi-logo.png
EMTF (Energi- och Miljötekniska Föreningen) * in English: Swedish Society of Energy and Environmental Technology (SwedVAC) www.energi-miljo.se EMTF-logo-120x21.jpg
SIS (Svenska institutet för standarder) * in English: Swedish Institute for Standards www.sis.se
Svensk Ventilation   * in English: Swedish Association of Air Handling Industries www.svenskventilation.se Svensk-Ventilation-logo-120x22.jpg

Associations with international projects

iSERVcmb Inspection of HVAC systems through continuous monitoring and benchmarking www.iservcmb.info logoiSERVcmb-120x68.jpg
BUILD UP  The European portal for energy efficiency in building www.buildup.eu