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Georg Reinberg

Arch. vis.Prof. DI. Georg W. Reinberg, M. Arch.

Architect Georg Wolfgang Reinberg, born in 1950, is based in Vienna. He was a student at Vienna Technical University and Syracuse University (NY, USA) and received grants from Schütte and Fulbright. Between 1983 and 1986 Architect Reinberg worked as University assistant under Professor Anton Schweighofer at Vienna Technical University. Since 1980 he has been working as an independent planner and has been running a “Ziviltechnikerbüro” since 1985. Since 1983 he has also been engaged in “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Reinberg, Treberspurg” which in 1990 was expanded to “Arge Reinberg, Treberspurg, Raith”. The office of Reinberg, which at present employs a staff of 9, is both working on design as well as detailed planning and construction management and has been working on abour 350 ecologically oriented projects so far, about 90 of which have been implemented.

In connection with these projects Reinberg has engaged in various research activities and has won numerous competitions. He has taught at Solarbauschule Vorarlberg (1994 and 95), Vienna Technical University (until now), and as a visiting professor 1997 until now at the Danube University in Krems (Solar Architecture, renovation and Facility Management)and for numerous international Universitys and Organisations.

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