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Ian Knight

Ian Knight, Reader in the Welsh School of Architecture at Cardiff University and a Director of K2n Ltd.

His research interests are focused on the achievement of low energy and low carbon buildings in practice, with a focus on building services. His background is in Engineering and Physics, but 25 years teaching and research in a world-class School of Architecture have provided him with detailed insights into the roles of both Architects and Engineers in the transition to a low carbon future.

Ian occupies a long-standing role in CIBSE’s Technical Committee and has in the past been Chair and Vice-Chair of the CIBSE CHP Group. He is producing, with REHVA, a European Guidebook to the Inspection of Air Conditioning systems, and liaising with CEN Standard members on a replacement for the current CEN Standards in this area. Both bodies of work will use the outputs from the European IEE HARMONAC Project completed in December 2010 which he coordinated. He is currently coordinating the IEE iSERV project which is helping establish benchmarks for the energy consumption of HVAC systems in buildings. This project is also liaising with the EU Member States legislators on HVAC system Inspection techniques, as the EU Member States transpose the recast EPBD into National Legislation.

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