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Janika Laht

Environmental Specialist

ȦF-Consulting AS, http://www.estivo.ee

M.Sc. in Environmental Technology (Ecological Engineering), University of Tartu, Estonia

Janika is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Tartu since 2010, focusing on Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) and greenhouse gases (GHG-s). Her bachelor and master studies were closely related to energy efficiency in buildings. The title of her bachelor thesis in 2007 was “Comfort Indices and their Relation to Buildings Energy Performance”. In 2010 she defended her master thesis – “Indoor Climate and Energy Efficiency in Tartu School Buildings and Valga Kindergarten “Kaseke”.

At present she is a lecturer at University of Tartu (energy efficiency, LCA and GHG-s) and working at ȦF-Consulting Ltd (http://www.afconsult.com) as an Environmental Specialist, focusing on environmental studies – GHG verification, EIA, SEA, LCA, renewable energy and waste studies etc. But she is also working on energy efficiency and feasibility studies, energy conservation and indoor climate problems in buildings, energy market studies etc.

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