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Oliver Rosteck

Technical Director at Econdition GmbH, Germany

Oliver worked after the school as a heating contractor in Leipzig. He finished in year 2005 as the certified technician in heating, ventilation-systems and cooling. After that he moved to Munich to join Econdition GmbH where he worked as a project manager. In evening classes he graduated in business administration and today he works as a technical director in Econdition GmbH, where he likes to combine different aspects of cooling controls and ventilation special in data center applications.

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  • Germany Unterschleißheim , April 20, 2015
    Germany Stuttgart , April 20, 2015
    Germany Nierstein , April 20, 2015
    Germany Nürnberg , April 20, 2015
    Germany Neuss , April 20, 2015
    Germany Hannover , April 20, 2015
    Germany Berlin , April 20, 2015
    Germany Hamburg , April 20, 2015

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