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Pawel Wargocki

Associate Professor at the International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy, Technical University of Denmark, and Vice-President for Research in the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate

Pawel Wargocki gained his M.Sc. at the Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, and his Ph.D. at the Technical University of Denmark. Pawel was a guest researcher at universities in Tokyo in 1995 and in Singapore in 2004.

He carried out numerous laboratory and field experiments on the effects of indoor air pollution and ventilation on the prevalence of health symptoms, perceived air quality and work performance in offices by adults and schoolwork by children. Pawel has published over 100 papers and received several awards for his research work including the Ralph G. Nevins Award from ASHRAE in 2002, the Yaglou Award from the International Academy of Indoor Air Sciences in 2002 and the SCANVAC Award for Young Researchers in 2011. His main research areas are indoor air quality measurements with trained and untrained panels, indoor air quality modelling and the effects of indoor air pollution and ventilation on human comfort, health and performance.

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