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Petra Vladykova Bednarova

Ing. Petra Vladykova Bednarova, Ph.D, Manager of Swegon Air Academy, Sweden

In 2011 Petra was employed as a project manager in Swegon Air Academy and from 2015 she was appointed as a manager of Swegon Air Academy.

She spent four years as a Ph.D. and a researcher at the Technical University of Denmark, where she also completed her doctorate studies focused on the use of the passive house concept as a sensible solution for the Arctic regions with a focus on Greenland. Recent research includes topics on energy efficiency in buildings, passive house, energy monitoring, super-energy saving retrofitting solutions, problems with design in Arctic climate, knowledge publications and dissemination.

Currently Petra is responsible for Swegon Air Academy, conducting seminars and webinars worldwide, participation and networking in scientific conferences, writing articles and supervising of student projects, energy and comfort analysis of buildings based on monitoring, building case studies and manager of homepage and social media for Swegon Air Academy.

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