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Séverine Kirchner

Séverine Kirchner has a doctorate in physics-chemistry of atmospheric pollution. Deputy Director in charge of public expertise and research at the Scientific and Technical Centre for Construction (CSTB), Séverine coordinates research on sanitary safety and comfort in buildings and living spaces, from city to buildings. She is also a scientist coordinator at the French monitoring center for indoor air quality (OQAI, www.air-interieur.org), which she helped to set up in 2001. As such, she coordinates programs in the production of air quality knowledge in order to guide risk managers when drafting public policies by anticipating or minimizing risks related to indoor air pollution.

Séverine contributes largely to other research and development programs on environmental health issues: co-founder of the French organization SFSE (environmental health), she is also President at the scientific Council in charge of a program research for better air quality at a local level (Primequal), program conducted jointly under the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development and ADEME, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency. Séverine is also a member of the Steering committee at the World Health Organization (WHO) in charge of elaborating guidelines.

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